Another Wrong Shipment Again? Really?

Hello! This time I need a shipment of microwavable containers of red color. I prefer to have 1000 no.s as the first shipment. Would like to have it first week of next month.

Hi, we sent you 1000 numbers. Please check this attached document.

When you read out the bill of lading and packing list, if you find out that they have shipped you out the items without considering your color requirement, what can happen?

Doing business is really crucial as well as really sensitive. Color is an important factor when it comes to product sale. Because this has direct impact of the number of sale that you can make. But what about your supplier is not understanding what you want. If they are from a different nation, this happens all the time as a practice. You cannot blame them for not knowing an international language like English.

When you are dealing with China, certain traders are not so familiar with English. The major companies have employees who are fluent in English that is the norm in every country. But there are other small and medium scale companies who also offer perfect goods and products. Sometimes their only loophole is communication barrier. But can that become a problem for you to deal with them?

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