Decide What You Want To Do

After you leave school life will change very quickly. Many people don’t know what they want to do. Maybe you will go to university or get a job. But what you do in university or what job you get is still not known to you.

Make positive decisionsWhen you leave school life changes, Your friends go off to college some of them get jobs and you feel like you are lost, you may even feel like you are backed into a corner and this may make you feel like you are forced to make decisions so you choose whatever comes along. Do not do this you should choose what you are interested in. If you are interested in travelling then choose from hotel management courses in Singapore. Here you will learn hand on things like how to work at the reception, rooms division and basic management. You will learn how to also provide basic services to guests and you will learn how to speak and be social in a professional manner. You can get entry level jobs by doing this and work yourself up the ladder faster because of your qualifications

You can also do a WSQ courses which is designed to teach adults and it complements the school system for students. This way you will get a skills upgrade but also your existing skills will be recognized and get upgraded.

Shoot for the starsDon’t let anyone let you think that you have to dream and think fall. You can do anything you want to do as long as you are dedicated and even become obsessed to your craft. If you want to achieve something don’t just commit only half of yourself towards it and don’t over work. Working hard is good but working hard while being efficient is even better. Many people feel that by working long hour’s equals to working hard which is not true. By working efficiently you will waste less energy and also you will be well rested when you do have to work so you can produce better results.

Don’t waste timeIf you do not know what you want to do in life then do things that can improve you even in small ways, this will be better than sitting around doing nothing. Si things that can help you in the future, you can learn a new language which will always be useful. This will help you get jobs later in life and it will also keep you bust and jeep your mind sharp. You should also exercise and stay for and in good shape. This will also keep your mind sharp but also will prevent you from being lazy which can cloud judgement and make you make wrong decisions.