How To Achieve A Healthy Body Weight?

There are no quick and easy ways to lose your weight. You need to put in time and effort into achieving this. You also have to maintain your weight once you accomplish a healthy body weight. A healthy diet and a good exercise plan can help you shed weight and become a healthier person. There are so many health issues you face as a result of obesity or being overweight such as Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, back pain, osteoarthritis, reproductive problems etc. Therefore, it is imperative you overcome this obstacle to minimise health risks.

You have to stop eating massive portions and stop frequenting fast food outlets to lose weight. There is no one diet that is perfect for everyone. There are many ways you can improve your diet and the basic method to do this is by cutting off all unhealthy foods and using healthy alternatives. Try to limit your food intake. Only eat the amount required by your body. We tend to snack on many foods high in sugar and fat throughout the day. All these little snacks add up to a large portion.

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits have a lot of minerals, vitamins and fibre. Some also contain potassium that helps with achieving a healthy blood pressure. You can also minimise the chances of a stroke or heart disease. Vegetables are low in calories and excellent for maintaining your weight. You should also include grains, dairy foods that are fat-free, lean proteins cooked with healthy methods such as baking, stewing and braising. Avoid frying food as much as possible to minimise fat. You also need an exercise plan coupled with a healthy diet for weight loss program in Singapore.

It is best not to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. Start with gradually changing your diet. You can increase the changes as you go along. Try to limit the number of portions. But you should never skip meals to shed weight. Double the amount of vegetables that you eat per day. Try switching to low fat milk and skim milk. You can keep a diary to record what you eat. It’s better to jot down your emotional state when you eat as well to see if you’re eating out of hunger or of boredom. This way you can see if you are an emotional eater. Try not to gobble your food down. Take time to eat. It’s best to eat with another person as it allows you to take breaks and engage in conversation. Try to remain active throughout the day. For example you can climb the stairs at work without getting the elevator. You can also start cycling to work. Try to increase the time you spend walking.