Learning To Defend Yourself

You may be a busy young person with barely enough of time for yourself as it is, however, it is vital that every young woman takes some time off from her work to take some self-defense lessons because the rape culture around is getting worse as every day passes. Rape culture is sadly becoming normalized among today’s youth because it is presented as such an acceptable thing through movies, television shows, video games and even advertisements which means that many young men would not think twice before molesting or violating a woman. Women are being presented as solely sexual being in most movies and television series in this day and age and it is being portrayed that women somehow exist solely for the sexual pleasure of men. As a result, the number of rape cases and sexual molestation cases around us are increasing rapidly.

Taking defense classesIt is vital that you are prepared for something like this if it does happen to you. You could consider taking mixed martial arts lessons after work or on weekends that will give you the excellent skill training to fight off any potential attackers. It is important for you to keep in mind that if you are ever attacked, reporting the case is of utmost importance and that there is no shame associated with the victim but only with the rapist or attacker. Reporting a rape case, especially if you can identify your attacker could prevent it from happening again to someone else. You may have been able to fight off your attacker this time, but not reporting the incident could mean that someone else may not be able to fight him off and this someone else could even be a child.

Muay thai in Singapore is another excellent skill training that you could enroll in that is guaranteed to help you fight off an attacker. Your attacker will not expect you to fight back. In fact, most of these rapists and attackers depend on the fact that a woman will not fight back or report the case, which means that a woman who does fight back takes them by surprise and catches them off guard.

If you were to randomly open up a newspaper or go to a news website, you are likely to read about multiple rape cases and sexual molestation cases. It is also important to keep in mind that the majority of rape cases are not reported due to women feeling ashamed and embarrassed about what has happened to them. This again is something the media puts in women’s minds.