Staying Fit While Still On A Busy Schedule

Everyone is chasing after something these days. They are so busy caught up in the daily rat race we call life and barely has any time for anything at all. How often do you simply have time to lounge around and watch the stars? Or something a little more productive like exercise? We make New Year resolutions to exercise more during the New Year, but at the end of the year you find that you have done nothing to achieve your New Year resolution targets and most often, has completely forgotten what they were altogether. We barely have time to do anything once we finish our daily schedules, however, staying fit is important. Here are a few ways you may be able to manage both.

Squeeze in exercise time

It does not have to be an hour long thing. Simply a few minutes a day to get your muscles moving is more than enough to stay healthy. Do a few routine exercises or a few laps around the park. If you have a treadmill at home, you can listen to music or watch TV while you exercise. Or else there are various DVDs with various exercise routines, from good pilates to yoga.

Pilates classes for example range from ten minute to hour long sessions and based on the time available to you, you can do one or the other. These forms of exercises will help you stay active and feeling much better, even if you are running very tight deadlines. 

Eat healthy

Some say eat one big meal, others say eat a lot of small meals, whichever seems to work for you, do that and do not listen to everything the internet says. If you really need professional advice, then visit a nutritionist as your body’s requirements are very different from your neighbors. Thus, you will need to take on a different eating routine and a different combination of food to gain results. If you are not visiting a nutritionist, always remember the basics of eating healthy. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, but also remember to have some fat and proteins in your system. If you are running from one meeting to the other and have no time to do this, have a few different snacks in the car or your office desk drawer to eat in between. However, instead of chocolates, have a few bottles of nuts or a basket of fresh fruit, which can even double up as a decoration element. Instead of loading on sweets for energy, load on more natural sugars like fruits to stay healthy and active in the long run.