Stocking A Home For Newlyweds

Most newlyweds who have not lived together before go on an absolute binge buying things for their new home that they think is essential. They are not. Ultimately they often spend over and above their budget and end up paying off loans they couldn’t afford in the first place. This is because of a lack of proper planning and discussing beforehand what they will and will not need. While these household items will differ for each couple, here are some guidelines to finding the correct items for you.

Personal ItemsThings such as bath products, personal care products and any special detergents and foods that are necessary due to allergies or dietary restrictions are an absolute must. Although at first it will be “cute” to share things such as shampoo and body wash, and even your towels, over time you will feel the lack of space, privacy and possibly even hygiene. Grab things like beach towel suppliers in Singapore to cut down on price and make sure they are kept separate and clean; have separate bath products and specialty food items. One of the simplest and commonest reasons for newlyweds to start arguing is lack of the personal freedom and space they used to have when they lived alone.

Cleaning ProductsForget having a ‘good’ set of crockery and an ‘everyday’ set of crockery. Neither is any good unless you have dishwasher liquid or soap to clean it with. Cleaning products for every surface and thing is a must. Get separate sponges for washing dirty plates (if you don’t have a dishwasher) and a separate sponge for tea cups, coffee cups, dessert cups etc. Place hand wash liquid and hand towels at every sink. You can buy these things cheaper online than at stores in the street. Don’t forget the bathrooms! Get mops, cleaning brushes, toilet cleaners, tile cleaners and every other kind of rag required to have clean bathrooms. If necessary, you can also have furniture polish and window cleaner.

Basic Set of CrockeryDepending on your lifestyle, you can make a collective decision about the amount of crockery you require in your new home. Some couples are barely home as they spend most of their time at work and travelling during weekends. Such couples will only require the bare necessities of half a dozen plates, cups and saucers and matching forks, knives and spoons. A kitchen knife set if they cook and some cooking ladles and saucepans would do the trick. Others who lead active social lives and entertain at home constantly will need full dinner sets, matching silverware and more pots and pans to cook in.