The Importance Of Oral Hygiene

Quite apart from the fact that parents insist on it, why should we care about our oral hygiene? The gums, teeth and our tongue actually indicate what else is going on in our bodies. Here is a list of all that proper oral hygiene can indicate?

Bad, Stinking Breath
If you have bad breath that just isn’t going away (no matter how many times you have brushed your teeth or your dentist did wisdom tooth in Singapore treatments), it might be an indicator of dehydration. Low levels of water in your body will cause salivary glands to dry up. This leads to a dry mouth and dry tongue, which causes stinky breath. While there are other, more serious causes for bad breath, this is one of the most common reasons.

Bleeding Gums
Gums bleed from time to time for no reason. However, some diseases also cause bleeding gums. Seeking a reliable dental practice with a dental implant or two should be especially wary as it could be a delayed reaction to their implants. One of the causes is diabetes, which lowers resistance levels in the body. Just like in other parts of the body, the mouth too will experience sores and wounds in the gums that will bleed and not heal. If you have gums that bleed for no apparent reason and small wounds that do not heal, have your blood checked for elevated sugar levels.

Sensitive Teeth
If your teeth are very sensitive you might want to ask yourself whether you grind them as a habit. Grinding and biting down on your lip causes the enamel to wear out fast. This makes teeth super sensitive. You can prevent this by using special toothpaste that is designed to combat sensitivity. Teeth grinding is a sign of stress, so using relaxation techniques or consciously stopping yourself from doing it will help. Another cause of the enamel eroding is being drenched in enzymes due to frequent vomiting, which is a symptom of bulimia. Those suffering from this disorder will constantly throw up their food, causing the corrosive stomach enzymes to erode the enamel.

Brittle Teeth
If your teeth chip or break as a young person, you may simply be lacking calcium. This can be solved with some pills from your doctor. However, if they break when you are significantly older, you may want to ask your doctor for a complete check up – especially for osteoporosis. Osteoporosis causes bones to break and the jaw bone is no exception. Your teeth may fall out without reason and the bone of the jaw may even ‘die’ as a result of some of the medication given for osteoporosis. Talk to all your doctors and coordinate with them for treatment.