The Relationships At Office

Employer employee relationships and the employee-employee relationships are the two best ways to ensure that an organization operates smoothly without any misunderstandings and mishaps. Therefore, ensuring that there is a strong network of connection is built in the office is the biggest responsibility of the managers and the management.

Explain the importance

Gather all your employees across the organizational structure belonging to different levels and different departments to the meeting room or the company auditorium on a monthly basis. Make it a platform where the employees are given the chance to speak out their concerns openly and also give suggestions for improvement. In most organizations, the suggestions that the employees have brought across have been able to ensure that the business improves its processes and increases its profitability.

However, more than a business platform, let this day and the few hours be spent to make sure that the employees get a free time to move around and bond with the rest of the employees across the organization. This will increase the feeling of belongingness of all employees and ensure that they receive the warmth and enjoy the presence and the company of the other employees.

Get the top management involved

Top management and middle management of the company play an important role in empowering people and increasing the relationships at office. Therefore, get the department heads and the strategic-business-unit heads involved to ensure that the relationship between the employer and the employees is strengthened.

Also, ensure that the organization has paved way for grape wine communication to take place freely and the employees get to mingle with others often to share ideas and thoughts. The lesser the distance is with the top and middle management, the better and more effective the relationship would be between both parties.

Team work makes the dream work

In most organizations, the job roles are separated and divided to ensure that the individual roles are well filled and salary structures are easily determined. However, as much as you would have individual job roles, make sure to include many team activities across departments where projects are given to the employees of different departments involving many layers of designations to complete the task. This will ensure that the co working in Kuala Lumpur is easily happened between the departments and thus will ensure the employees’ relationships are well-built.

Image projection

The company and the values that the organization stands for, holds a very high importance in the minds of the employees when they think of the kind of organization that they are working for. Therefore, make sure your organization walks the talk and gets things done exactly in the same way that is stated in the value statements and vision and mission of the company. If the company has projected its image to be an organization serious about the customer value and stakeholder relationships, automatically your employees will start valuing these propositions and work accordingly ensuring that the company is entrusted with healthy employee relationships.